Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities

  • QA6 supports respectful relationships with families which are fundamental to achieving quality outcomes for children. When partnerships with the community are based on active communication, consultation and collaboration, they contribute to children’s inclusion, learning and wellbeing.
  • QA6 has two standards to assist children’s transition through the early years into school. Authentic family engagement, encourages the active participation of each child and their family in decisions made at Possum Place regarding the educational program. When Educators reflect on inclusive practice, it helps Possum Place to identify and remove any potential barriers to an inclusive environment.
  • Engaging with the community build relationships between children, families and the community they reside in but also encourages children to develop their identity within the context of their community. This practice provides opportunities for children to respect and value diversity.
  • Positive relationships are formed with families through open communication. This reinforces the family’s feeling of belonging and inclusion at the service. Partnerships with families begin upon enrolment, when educators gather information from the child’s profile and face to face communication with families.
  • We work in partnership with our sister centre, “Alstonville Nestle In Education and Care Centre’ which helps build relationships within the community and also supports educators to share ideas and reflect on professional development opportunities. We have built relationships with the local schools through transition to school and school orientation programs as well as having regular visits to the library and excursions related to the program as well as exploring their own community.