Nestle In Childcare Centre will arrange excursions for the children to attend periodically. Children’s age and interests are considered when planning excursions. Excursions provide a range of experiences to broaden your child’s understanding of their world and it also allows them to practice skills outside of the surrounds of the Centre.

When excursions are organised, you will receive a note informing you of the excursion including date, time, venue, costs etc. and the note will include a permission slip. Educators will conduct a risk assessment prior to any excursion taking place. If you agree to your child attending, you must sign the permission slip and return it to the service prior to the excursion.

To facilitate a safe and enjoyable excursion, we may need extra adults to help with supervision and if so you will be invited to attend. As your role will be that of supervision unfortunately it is not possible for younger siblings to accompany parents on these occasions. A “Working with Children” declaration will need to be verified prior to you accompanying us on the excursion. This is another great opportunity for you to be involved in the Centre’s activities with your child.