Orientation begins with our comprehensive enrolment form. The enrolment form includes all required information to comply with the National Quality Framework as well as personal information so we can contact you at any time. The last page of the enrolment form is the profile of your child so the more information you share with us with regard to your child assists with the settling in of your child to his/her new childcare environment.

We encourage parents to visit the Centre with their child/ren prior to commencing with us. This allows the child to explore his/her new environment with the security of parents close by. It also gives parents time to familiarise themselves with the environment, educators and practices to again assist with the transition to childcare. Whilst we understand this is not always possible, it is encouraged.

Parents of new children to the Centre are given a very detailed outline of their child’s day. We recognise that parents are busy and often reflecting on the daily activities of their child when they get home is of enormous benefit.