To ensure quality care of your child while at the service we ask that you provide the following resources each day in your child’s bag with all items clearly labelled with the child’s name:

  • Any formula the child requires and bottles filled with boiled water (enough for the whole day)
  • At least 5 nappies per day, or if toilet training at least 4 changes of clothing.
  • Any lotions or creams for your child’s nappy change
  • A clean drink bottle filled with water (please take home to clean each day for the health and hygiene of your child)
  • A sun safe hat with a wide brim (no caps)
  • Extra clothing in case of accidents or messy play (both summer and winter)
  • Please ensure your child is wearing sun safe clothing (no singlets/sleeveless dresses/etc.)
  • We will reapply sun cream when required but we ask that you apply sun cream on arrival at the service