About Nestle In

At Nestle in Child Care Centre Goonellabah, we provide you and your children with the highest quality Long Daycare and Early Childhood Education Programs in a warm and caring environment

Our Story

We are a privately owned, and purpose built long day care centre that cares for babies through to toddlers (0-5 years) who are nurtured and taught valuable life skills that will prepare them all the way through to Primary School, and beyond. We are always looking for ways to go over and above for you and your family. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service that is personalised and stands out above the rest in all the little ways that really matter.

We proudly offer four separate fun and educational programs across the different age Groups, including Junior Pre-School and Transition to School programs. We believe in creating a welcoming space for children and families to grow and learn in a safe, nurturing, fun and educational environment. It is our wish to instill confidence in both children and parents alike. Confidence in our capabilities, confidence in our care that goes above and beyond, and confidence in knowing each child will grow and learn in the most wonderful of environments.


Nestle In Childcare Centre in Goonellabah is proud to offer modern and well-equipped facilities that cater to every families’ needs. We have different combined, as well as separated, learning spaces for our different age groups and for each developmental stage too. All rooms are stocked with a range of quality resources allowing for both open-ended and structured play experiences.

Some of the unique spaces we offer are:

  • A welcoming and inviting entrance area where families and visitors are welcome to sit and feel accepted into the centre.
  • A breathable and large cot room with full viewing facility, monitors, and air conditioning.
  • Separate outdoor play spaces for babies, allowing children to feel safe and secure in their own environment.
  • Large outdoor environments, with loads of natural and sustainable elements such as a sandpit, ‘warriors hill’, climbing area, ample grass space for physical play and much more.
  • A state of the art recently renovated kitchen with a qualified chef serving nutritious and mostly locally sourced produce.
  • Change room and bathroom facilities attached to each room to allow for the natural progression of children’s toileting needs.
  • Educator programming space and staff room which allows all staff members to program and plan for both individuals and groups of children. This is a relaxing space for educators to refresh in their breaks, which is great for everyone!
  • Laundry – for craft, cleaning, safety and more.

Please contact us if you have any questions about Nestle In’s child care facilities in Goonellabah, we’d love to connect with you to discuss the needs of your family.


At Nestle In Child Care Centre Goonellabah, we want to give our children sources of good health and nutrition as much as we want to see them grow and learn. That’s why we have a fully qualified Chef on hand at the Centre. Our Chef creates wonderful meals from scratch using organic ingredients wherever possible. In our new state of the art kitchen facility.

They strive to prepare meals that enhance the child’s tastes and experiences, nourishes them and teaches them many important life skills relating to healthy meal choices and meal time including variety, the use of utensils, table manners and more.

All our meals follow the Nutritional Guidelines for Long Daycare Centres, and our Chef takes into account any special dietary requirements of the children, as well as any cultural, religious or medical requirements. We strive to include hidden as well as visible vegetables, and our menus are offered on a four-weekly rotation to ensure that our commitment to variety is upheld.

Let’s make their childhood unforgettable

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